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Pressure Points

Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic adjustments re-position poorly affected spinal bones to restore normal nerve function and spinal placement. The simplicity and success of this approach has been documented in numerous research studies. Chiropractic care has helped many patients avoid risky surgery and lead healthier lives. Treatment improves structure and function of the spine. Pain often diminishes or totally disappears without addictive drugs or side effects. Chiropractic works on three phases of care:

Initial Intensive
The goal is to relieve any pains from misalignment with a diversified adjustment and a physiotherapy treatment plan.


Rehabilitative Care

Once your pain is resolved, the underlying muscular tissue and alignment of your  structure may require added care. Damage can still remain. At this phase, acupuncture, supplements and exercises, along with self-care procedures and massage therapy, are added to stabilize your chiropractic treatment.

Wellness Care

Periodic adjustments prevent problems from occurring in the future and promote optimal health.Why just get relief of your pain and have it come back? Get it corrected!

Fertility & Pediactric

Prenatal preparation and processes through pregnancy to improve your overall experience. A;so specializing in Pediatric Chiropractic.

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