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Relax, Restore, Unwind

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Optimize and Restore 
Our focus is on helping you achieve your optimal best, which is just a phone call away.
How would you like to feel as relaxed and free from the effects of stress as though you were on a perpetual vacation?  

How would you like to rid yourself of that office chair-induced back pain that is a constant reminder of how hard you work? 

Have you been wanting to make healthier choices for yourself but lack the direction and guidance? 

The Ideal You ~  Is closer than you might think.

The Total Health Center is the place where the ideal, healthy you becomes the reality.  Our nurturing team of professionals takes the time to listen to your wellness goals and health concerns.  Using an effective combination of ancient medicinal practices and the latest innovations in healing therapies, our wide variety of restorative services will help rejuvenate and revitalize you. 

You will always feel a world of difference when you leave .

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We're Prepared

We pride ourselves on making sure we go above and beyond for your health and well-being. We follow extensive standard cleaning protocols.

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Nicole 

Director & Board Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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Dr. Elizabeth,
RN, B.S.N., D.C, D.I.C.C.P.

Board Certified in Chiropractic


                   Marc                                                                                       Jessica

         Office Manager                                                                          Billing Dept                       


     Frankie                                              Stephen                                                       Jania                                            New Therapist

    Massage Therapist                               Massage Therapist                                         Massage Therapist                              Massage Therapist

Stone Treatment


Van S. 

Our experience with Nicole Bradshaw has been wonderful. Nicole takes the time to find out what our ailments and goals are before she works her magic.

Laura F.

Nicole and her staff are absolute angels. I threw out my back 5 days before leaving for a trip and Nicole went above and beyond to make sure I could come in every day leading up to my flight for treatment - acupuncture, massage & cupping.

Erika A.

They are simply amazing! Nicole is definitely a healer. Her bedside manner is phenomenal and she genuinely cares about her patients wellbeing.

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Tel: 818.509.9233

Office Hours

  Mon      10 to 2 pm

  Tues      10 to 6 pm

  Wed      10 to 7 pm     Thurs     10 to 6 pm

  Fri         10 to 5 pm

  Sat          9 to 2 pm    

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